Saturday, June 26, 2010

been a little bit busy

i've been too busy to blog! my little baby girl and her bff graduated from high school on June 6th.

(I have no idea why my shirt was hitched up like that. don't judge! lol :O)

i'm still reeling from the chaos that was involved! family in town for 3 days, 2 bbqs, the actual took me at least a week to recover, and before i know it, a month has almost passed and my blog has the distinct sound of crickets. *chirp chirp*

I HAVE been making stuff..I made that sign above out of freezer paper. and I made a bunch of thank you cards. they were so cute that we got a thank you note for the thank you card we had sent to thank someone for a gift! Lex wants to know if we should send a thank you note for the thank you note...

I also made an entire 24 page scrapbook album for my youngest sister to send her deployed hubby on their anniversary. i did not take a single photo of the finished project. i'm the worst scrapbooker ever.

that's her with my dad's lab molly. see, I am trying to distract you from my lack of blogging with cute girls and pooches :O)

my mom, on the other hand, has been blogging her heart out! please go give her blog a peek:

so many cute ideas, cheap ideas, awesome ideas :O) my mom rocks!

check out these treasures and MORE on her blog:

stay tuned, i have lots of neat stuff up my sleeves :O)