Thursday, October 18, 2007

random bits

sooo enjoying this weather! hard rain and strong winds...sounds like a romance novel plotline :O) it's been a busy few weeks. i made 17 shirts for the powder puff football team and coaches...turned out so cool! now to find the receipts so they can reimburse me :O)

the girls lost game one to the seniors, of course, and tied game two with the freshman. i didn't stay for game two, i was freezing my tooshy off. the big bummer is...all the pics i took of the game turned out blurry. i'm seriously going to get a new camera one of these days! here's some shots that didn't come out too bad...

can NOT wait to scrap that bottom one!

went to a crop saturday with my sister kelly and friend was held in a ymca and this sign on the wall of the crop room CRACKED me up!

and here we are after a long day of croppin'

that's me and my chins on the right...

i won a ctmh paper pack for finding the most words in the phrase 'rubber stamping' and i won a contest for best girlie layout with this one. my prize was layout blueprints by amy elkins. kelly went and had it autographed for me and the last thing i said to her was "don't have her put chichi!" so what does the autograph say? "chichi, scrap on! amy elkins". yeah, that kelly's a riot.

finally got my class schedule sorted out for this month..i'm such a slacker! i've been getting the calendar done around the 15th of the month. it's a lot of freakin work putting kits together! and taking pictures. and writing instructions. good grief. LOVE how the candy corn album turned out! i had seen a pyramid album online, but no pattern, so i came up with my own :O) lots of sign ups for that one--and the pocket calendar class tomorrow is almost full (1 spot left). looks like i might be back down to one day a week starting next week, which means i need to clear a path to my scraproom at home so i can get some scrappin' done there. NOT looking forward to that!

been crocheting some more hats--once lex wore hers to school everyone wanted one! made a chocolate brown one for demi (pictured above, far right in the trio of powder puff girls.) and whit got a pink one. she's pictured above in the photo with only two girls..she's the blondie on the right. i also made one in oregon duck colors, a pink one with a mohawk, and a blue one with a flower on the side. i need to go yarn shopping for more colors. yarn shopping. i just felt some more hairs turn grey.

something funny last night--becca calls me and asks if she can spend the weekend. i'm like, okay, well, let me talk to your mom. so kelly gets on the phone and tells me she told becca "i'll be home all weekend, what do you want to do?" and becca says "spend the weekend with chichi!". poor kelly, it would be sad if it weren't so darn funny!

later taters!

Monday, October 8, 2007

look what i can do!

alexa's new hat...made in about an hour and a half (it was my first ever crochet hat)! I made another one right after and it only took about an hour. I think maybe these will be great christmas gifts :O) Look out family...act surprised...and since we're at it, what colors do you like?

on the subject of yarn, i went to michael's yesterday and for $10 i got a kit called "i taught myself to knit". I can not wait to get started! I'm so glad i didn't donate that big bag of yarn...I've been getting in to it twice a week :O)

it is spirit week at the HS and alexa needs some properly bright and tacky 80's style clothing to wear for her skit tonight, so I am off to the thrift stores in town to see what i can find. also need to find a plain white sheet for toga day because even though she SAYS she won't want to dress up, if all her friends dress up, and we don't have a plain white sheet, woe be to me!

and last but not least, i am almost done with the goodies for the apothescary swap, love how they turned out, and will post a pic later :O) in the meantime, here is a picture of my workspace saturday afternoon. enjoy.

PS, yes, i'm always this scrapdisastrous, because that's how i roll. yo.

Monday, October 1, 2007

can i get a woot-woot?

i made the DT over on tallyscrapper and am THROUGH THE ROOF and OVER THE MOON!

Scrapbooking Supplies

the three layouts i submitted are now my top three layouts in TPs (tally points)...and the comments made me almost cry! i'm such a girl today-don't be nice to me, it might tip me over the edge and i'll be blubbering like a baby.

on another note, spent sunday with mom & dad while DH braved the rain and cut's been BUSY painting! they are amazing, and she gave me TWO of them at no charge. mom rocks :O) here are some more she's made:

check our mom & dad's ebay listings here:
she'll have some new halloween banners posted soon!!