Monday, October 8, 2007

look what i can do!

alexa's new hat...made in about an hour and a half (it was my first ever crochet hat)! I made another one right after and it only took about an hour. I think maybe these will be great christmas gifts :O) Look out family...act surprised...and since we're at it, what colors do you like?

on the subject of yarn, i went to michael's yesterday and for $10 i got a kit called "i taught myself to knit". I can not wait to get started! I'm so glad i didn't donate that big bag of yarn...I've been getting in to it twice a week :O)

it is spirit week at the HS and alexa needs some properly bright and tacky 80's style clothing to wear for her skit tonight, so I am off to the thrift stores in town to see what i can find. also need to find a plain white sheet for toga day because even though she SAYS she won't want to dress up, if all her friends dress up, and we don't have a plain white sheet, woe be to me!

and last but not least, i am almost done with the goodies for the apothescary swap, love how they turned out, and will post a pic later :O) in the meantime, here is a picture of my workspace saturday afternoon. enjoy.

PS, yes, i'm always this scrapdisastrous, because that's how i roll. yo.


Leah said...

I spy m&m's and tons of goodies in that pile of scrapdisaster!! :o) That's how I roll too, YO! But then I have to put crap away or the babies will get into it.. LOL LOVE the crochet hat.. it's so dang cute. So, gonna teach me how to crochet lil flowers for my layouts? Big hugs!

Jean Marie said...

Busy..Busy Christy!!:)love that hat:)!!:)

Carla said...

Love the hat! Did you find the pattern online?? I am just starting to crochet :-)