Thursday, December 20, 2007

november recap

where oh where has the time gone i ask you? my last post was over 2 months ago! i'm the biggest blog slacker on the planet. let's see, where do i begin...i spent 2 weeks in the frigid state of idaho right before thanksgiving, visiting with my dear sis katy. it was a week full of decorating, sewing, shopping, and drinking many many cups of coffee :O) at the end of 2 weeks, the whole dang family came for the festivities. we had the house in tip-top shape, lookin' good, and fancilly dressed :O)

i made the curtains, pillows, table runners, chair pads and re-covered the little stool so sophie could use it to get on the couch. you'll meet her later...

i built three can see one here in the upper left. of course, we used recycled wood and they were all wonky, so kt's dh richard re-built them for us, she painted them, i hung them, it was a team effort and i don't have a good picture of them, lol! did i mention this if AFB base housing? the place is huge.

here's li'l sophie...richard enlisted her help cleaning up after dessert.

thereafter we called her "roomba". here she is all tuckered out from a long day of eating. it was thanksgiving after all.

they have lots of little wildlife on base...we got some birdseed and sprinkled it around the back yard for the squirrels. this little guy was only 4 feet from me when i took the pic.

sophie sort of chases the squirrels. she's only a hair larger than they are, and at first she was just curious until one did this huffing-hissing thing at her from the tree. she spent the rest of the day burrowed deep in a blanket with nothing but her nose poking out. (wait, that's how she spend most days.) katy says now she's so used to them that they ignore each other, go about their business and whatnot (eating nuts and pooping, respectively.)

BUT, while i was there, she would chase the squirrels a little...and richard thought he'd give her a hand in catching the varmints. so he stuck her up in the tree. she loved it-was trying to figure out how to get higher, no fear at all. except she was just a tad too high to reach.

thus the rescue mission:

yeah, kt will be kicking my ass when she sees this. the first one is pretty much priceless.

the totally sad thing is, being without a camera, i have to depend on the rest of the fam for people pics...and i have none. oh, i have a few crappy ones, but no group pics, no candids, no embarassing stuffing-your-face pics. lucky for you.

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Jacqueline said...

Glad to see you back in blogland. You were missed. Sounds like you had a great time.